Time and again, you complain
That your voice is hoarse and croaky
That your smile is crooked and shows too much teeth
That your eyes are rimmed with dark circles and eye-bags.

I laugh because,

Weren’t you ever told
That your voice is a cold spring in the Sahara?

How did you not know
That your smile puts diamonds to shame?

You mean you never heard
That your eyes light up more than the sun?

How can you not see how perfect you are?

-Treasure A.C.


The thing about me is ….I’m a ‘quotes person’. I pounce on them and collect them from everywhere, kind of like how a scavenger would. It has always been fascinating to me how a string of words forms coherent sentences which could somehow find a way to pierce the heart deeper than a double-edged sword. To me, the quotes I connect with are an embodiment of this. Indeed, quotes to a writer (maybe, even to the reader) are the equivalent of punchlines to a rapper.

After a huge internal battle, I can boldly write that these are just a few of my favourite quotes.

1. “This is what I like about photographs. They’re proof that once, even if just for a heartbeat, everything was perfect.” ……This is how I unashamedly justify my love for pictures.

2. “There should be no room in your life for regrets. If in the moment of doing you felt clarity, you felt certainty, then why feel regret later?” …I couldn’t have put it any better than Yaa Gyasi did.

3. “A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure.” ……Suffice to say, I remind myself of this when the going gets tough and I need to trudge on.

4. “Don’t trust everyone you meet. Even salt looks like sugar.” …….my Nigerian mother would love this one.

5. “I refuse to tiptoe through life only to arrive safely at death.” ……now this paints a very graphic image I can’t seem to put out of my mind. It’s engraved in my hippocampus.

6. “..And there will be someone that comes along one day and offers you an entire galaxy when you only expected a single planet.” ……….Do I believe this? Hell yes! I am a hopeful romantic.

7. “Things are never as bad as they seem.” ……I’m too much of an optimist and this line from ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ aptly captures how I feel.

8. “The process of giving is without limits.” …..

9. “The road to success is not straight. There is a curve called failure, a loop called confusion, speed bumps called friends, red lights called enemies, caution lights called family. You will have flat tyres but if you have a spare called determination, an engine called perseverance, a driver called God, you will make it to the place called success.” …….this sounds like something my pastor would say while the congregation says “Amen! ”

10. “You get one life, so do it all.” – Bobby Axelrod in the TV series #Billions. Yes, yes, yes. Do it all!

If you have a quote you love so much, feel free to share in the comments! ✍🏼. I would love to know about it. Like I said earlier, I’m a quotes person 🙂

Stories Untold

He said, ‘Hi, I’m Dave. I think we’ve met before
She said ‘No’ with a surreptitious smile
He asked for her name. ‘Ada’, she replied with a glare
‘Can I have your number’, he persisted
She sized him up, thought for a second, then gave it to him
And so it began, a couple of calls here and there
They texted all day long, plain words at first
Next, they graduated to emojis and heart smileys.

They went on their first date
It was nothing amazing, but he made her laugh
You know, the genuine kind of laughter
For the first time, she didn’t have to fake enthusiasm
By the third date, it felt like they had known each other forever
He wanted two kids, she wanted four
They struck a bargain. Three was the perfect number
She hated to cook, he loved to cook. It was a match made in heaven.

When he asked her to be his girlfriend, she told him she’d think about it
But she knew that her mind was made up from the first day
Some things you just know
She said ‘yes’ to him on Friday the 14th of March

His friends teased him, calling him a woman wrapper
He laughed, because he knew that a woman like her was like Halley’s Comet
She didn’t mind that he cried when Arsenal lost 5-1 to Bayern Munich
She didn’t mind that on their fifth date he couldn’t afford that restaurant
When he said ‘I love you’, he never wanted to say those words to anyone else.

Two years later, he proposed with a 14-carat diamond
14 to represent the date she agreed to be his girlfriend
She took him home to meet her dad in his home with his second wife
He said she couldn’t get married to Dave. He was Yoruba, they were Igbo.
Dave paid no mind and officially introduced her to his family as his fiancée
His mother said she wouldn’t let him marry someone from a ‘broken home’
He didn’t. He got married to Funmi, who hated that he watched football.
Ada got married to Tochukwu who never made her laugh

June 2nd 2018, Arsenal wins PSG 2-1 in the Champions League final
They remember each other for a fleeting second and look at their spouses.



I’m not sure when he started to feel like he didn’t matter,
Could it be the tenth time his father called him a nonentity?
He has tried hard, days unending, to find that worthwhile identity
But his father’s words still haunt him
To him, I say ‘sorry’.

This is for George whose girlfriend left him
For that bearded guy who’s an air marshal
She told him that she didn’t give a damn about his potential
He still has a bruise on his heart and to him I can only but say ‘sorry’.

There’s a girl out there
Who was sexually abused before she was a teen
She has buried the hurt and unbelief deep within
Unable to tell anyone
To that girl, I say I’m ‘sorry’ you had to go through such.​

To that lady who’s been told times without number
That she’s not beautiful, she’s neither this nor that
Asked why she’s not like Folake who is not fat
I say ‘sorry’ for the people who made you feel you were not enough.

How about that boy in that private university last year?
His pain so great he badly wanted to leave this earth
So much so that he came to the decision that his best option was death
I only wish someone had gotten through to him.
‘Sorry’ doesn’t always suffice sadly.

It’s a five letter word that we don’t hear often
Sorry, Es- oh- ar- ar- why
Say it to all who need to hear it, all those who want to cry
It just might make the world a little better to live in.

When I Have A Daughter …

When I have a daughter, when I do
I’ll make her write across the back of her hand
The nine planets and the deserts filled with sand
So when she says I know it like the back of my hand, she indeed does.

I’ll teach her the wise words of my mother
To always smile without measure
To discover what joy truly is, a treasure
She’ll need to know this
When life attempts to throws sadness in her path.

Of course I’ll tell her everyday how beautiful she is
How she’s smart beyond words
So she isn’t afraid to deal with surds
Or square roots and algebraic equations in her six inch stilettos.

Oh, my daughter would know a lot
At six, she’ll be familiar with Anatomy woven with Literature of times beyond hers
The digiti minimi is not equal to the index finger
Keith Moore, with a little bit of George Orwell.

She will be phenomenal, I have no doubts
That whoever comes into her life will want to stay
With that smile of hers, she would occasionally say
‘You should meet my mother’, she’s the reason I’m amazing.


New Beginnings 


It’s 2017 already and I am so glad and lucky that I have made it thus far. You made it as well so yay! As is my tradition for as long as I can remember, I always have a set of goals to begin every year with. It’s not quite a ‘New Year’s Resolution’ which I deem quite passive. I think it’s quite cathartic and fulfilling merely having plans seemingly set in motion by just writing them down.

As a highly positive person, I know 2017 is going to be amazing and certainly better than 2016. Not to sound too prophetic, but 2016 was the foundation to the gorgeous mansion that is 2017.

Of all the goals I set for 2016, I achieved all but one. That’s good prognosis and makes me pretty damn hopeful about this year.

I’m in my 400 level of medical school and I want to pass my MB (professional exam) that would propel me to fifth year this year. I not only want to pass, I want to scale through this stage in flying colours by any standard. It’s not going to be easy but Philippians 4:13 tells me that I can do all things.

Late last year, I attended Foundation Faith classes and got baptized. To a lot of people, it didn’t seem like much. To me, it signified me trying to find myself and gain some sort of hold in this chaotic world. This year, I plan on doing more self-discovery. This is not necessarily the once a week check-the-box routine. I aim to find a deeper spiritual connection with God. This is too much grammar for saying I want to talk to God better this year.  

Last year, I attended my first TedX event. I hope to attend this year again. At the Tedx, I became really inspired. I want to be a public speaker, to touch lives in my own little way. This year will be my launchpad inshaallah. 

I kind of gave up on writing towards the end of last year. I’m not still sure what my plan is. I know I have a lot of stories to tell, stories that need to be heard. I want to be more daring and less critical of my writing and actually send to magazines and publishing houses. Who knows?

This year is going to be the year of slay! My friend Ijay always says this. I am going to slay. I will slay with my friends on every level. Generally, I’m just going to keep on winning this year. I want to help others around me and get people I know to do the same– visit a home for the less privileged maybe on my 20th birthday or any other time in the year. It may not be much but it will be a start. I’m hopeful.

Career-wise, I want to look into medical research writing and see what possibilities abound.

It may not seem like much, but I am resolute that I will not say ‘Yes’ when I mean ‘No’.

I want to travel to another state in Nigeria that I haven’t been to preferably but any would do. I want to fill this almost empty scrapbook that is 2017 with memories outside Rivers State.  

I want to meet a lot of interesting people this year and cultivate new genuine friendships. I’m going to be more outgoing and friendly. I’m going to laugh a little too hard, cry tears of joy. I’m going to hug my close friends a little too hard and let them know that I never want to let them go. I will try as hard as possible to express my emotions freely. Life is too short to bottle things up.

Books will be a major part of my 2017. I want to gorge on knowledge and forge new adventures from just reading.

I want to say this over and over again. This year, I will eat healthy, drink lots of water and take care of my beautiful skin. I’m going to surround myself with positive thoughts. I want to win awards, be a leader in whatever capacity I see fit, use the internet wisely, enter various competitions, win, apply for scholarships. This year, I will be a doer.

Above all, in 2017, I will be happy.  

Cheers to an amazing 2017! 🍷




    Any writer would know that a lot of times, it’s tough to put pen to paper – or in our case because it’s the Trump Century, fingers to keyboard. 

Why am I writing this? I don’t know. I have school today after being given just one day’s notice of the resumption. Okay, that’s not even a reason. I ramble sometimes, pardon me. I’ll get down to business now. 

Dear Someone, 

It’s at times our go-to option to see just the events of the present and extrapolate based on that. The world is bigger than you and a single event. I don’t subscribe to the theory of just one door or better still, one chance for any individual. That implies that if one misses that chance, there’s really no point of living then? 

Believing in the theory of one chance is what makes people go against their values a lot of times. Who says if Ada doesn’t sleep with Oga Chief to get that job, she’s never going to succeed again in life? Her life is still lined with a myriad of opportunities and she may not see it because she’s too focused on the things that are going wrong in her present. Ludicrous as it may seem, who’s to say Ada won’t win the lottery tomorrow. Well, even if not the lottery, I know you get my point. 

What am I even saying? Success does not have a single definition. When one door closes, another doesn’t automatically open. Sometimes, a window opens. At other times, no one opens and you may have to even jump the fence to get to your “success”. A surgeon performing a difficult operation, a lawyer winning an un-winnable case or a musician selling out an arena could all be classed as success. 

I subscribe heavily to the opposite of the theory of one chance. I believe in the theory of multiple opportunities, so long as one is willing and ready to work. That clause, ‘so long as ….’ being extremely important of course. You gotta be willing to scale through the fence if you get to your door too late and it’s already closed. I’m not necessarily talking about breaking the rules, rather going the extra mile as is required with tenacity and vigour. 

Finally, ‘oyo o buroma’ , an Ikwerre Phrase which translates to, ‘it’s going to be all good eventually’. I like to see it as the future is pregnant with opportunities. 

xx- Treasure 💜